Sport Activity “Badminton

The College of Administration and Economics at Lebanese French University held an exciting badminton tournament on Sunday, May 28th, 2023, at 1:00 pm. The sports activity took place at the university’s sports center and featured faculty members vying for the championship title.

With a total of eight participants, the tournament kicked off with the first-round matches. In this stage, Mr. Khowanas faced off against Mr. Qader Amer, while Mr. Bryar Sami competed against Mr. Sohail Khan. The other match involved Mr. Ahmed Jawher playing against Mr. Prabhu. Following intense bouts, Mr. Qader Amer, Mr. Sohail Khan, and Mr. Prabhu emerged as the winners, progressing to the next round.

The second round showcased a thrilling match between Mr. Qader Amer and Mr. Sohail Khan. The clash was fiercely contested as both players displayed their badminton skills. In the end, Mr. Prabhu, Mr. Qader Amer, and Mr. Sohail Khan qualified for the final stages of the tournament.

The third and final round witnessed a gripping match between Mr. Qader Amer and Mr. Prabhu. Both players exhibited exceptional talent, determination, and strategic gameplay. Ultimately, it was Mr. Prabhu who secured victory and clinched the title of the tournament, impressing spectators with his outstanding performance.

The badminton tournament provided a platform for faculty members to engage in healthy competition while promoting physical activity and camaraderie. The event highlighted the significance of sports in fostering a well-rounded academic environment.

The College of Administration and Economics congratulates Mr. Prabhu for his exceptional victory and extends appreciation to all participants for their dedication and passion for badminton.