Department of Law Arranged a calligraphy training course to improve the hand writing of teachers which is a crucial part in delivering their messages. The date was 4/1/2023 to 6/3/2023

Law department in the college of law and international relations arranged a training course for six weeks for all the teachers of LFU and the presenter was Mr. Dara Majeed.
The subtitles of the course were divided as follows;

4/1/2023 was the beginning of the course and the invention and history of calligraphy.
11/1/2023 was the beginning of ruq’a which is a branch of calligraphy in a scientific way this was explained then exercises applied.
18/1/2023 the rules of writing Kurdish and Arabic letters in Ruq’a
24/1/2023 applying the rules that thought in the previous lectures.
1/2/2023 continuing in applying the rules of Ruq’a.
6/3/2023 applying the rules in sentences.