Department of law held a national workshop

On Thursday 16th March 2023, department of law held a national workshop under the title ‘international commercial arbitration’. The first part of the workshop was presented by Hawre Nuraddin, lecturer at department of law, he talked about the importance of the topic. Afterwards the second part of the workshop, Asst. Lect Miran Mamand, emphasized the role of the arbitration in international commercial disputes. It is worth mentioning that this topic has a great role in mediating businesses and resolving their problems in the international trade between different countries. The workshop was enriched by the presence of academic staff members from the colleges and departments of Lebanese French university. comments and recommendation were provided by the attendees.

Workshop Outcome:
The following recommendations were given to the audience:
• Analyzing the topic of the international commercial arbitration’
• The role of the arbitration in the solving international commercial deputes
• The presenters illustrated what is the difference between arbitration and meditation


1/ Lect. Hawre Nuraddin, lecturer at the college of law and international relations

2/ Miran Mamand, Visitor lecturer at the department of law at the college of law and international relations.