English Department in College of Education and Languages Held a National Workshop

On Thursday, February 2nd, 2023, the Department of English Language held the national workshop entitled “Teaching Literature Through Innovative Ways”. The workshop’s first session was presented by Assistant Lecturer, Ala Beshank Ahmed, at the beginning of the workshop, she briefly explained the importance of having a student-centered classroom. And how teachers can apply learning theories by Jean Paget and David Kolb, so we inspire the students to become better critical thinkers. Furthermore, Ms. Ala explained that it is significant to relate literature to real life experiences. There are many techniques that teachers can apply to make their classrooms more innovative, such as, using e-learning, and modern literary theories rather than focusing on traditional teaching methods. As well as, she explained how we as teachers can incorporate new pedagogical methods into teaching literature.

In the second session, Dr. Abdelrahman Jalal Othman gave clarification that teaching literature is a method of improving the students’ English language. Furthermore, Dr. Abdelrahman explained that teaching authentic material by native authors will help the students to be familiar with linguistic forms, communicative functions and meanings. He also explained that there are many benefits for using literature as method of improving the English language, for instance; cultural Enrichment, for many language learners, the ideal way to increase their understanding of verbal / nonverbal aspects of communication in the country within which that language is spoken. Personal Involvement,Literature can be useful in the language learning process owing to the personal involvement it fosters in the reader.

Workshop Outcomes

  1. The use of the appropriate e-learning websites is crucial for innovative teaching.
  2. To focus on the language of a literary text rather than to focus on biographical or historical contexts.
  3. Literary text selectin will play an important role into teaching literature as an improvement of the English language.

       Presenters’ Information

  1. Dr. Dr. Abdelrahman Jalal Othman holds Ph.D. in English Literature, Currently, he holds the position as the head of English Language Department at Lebanese French University.
  2. Asst. Lect. Ala Beshank Ahmed holds MA in English Language and Literature. Currently, she teaches in Department of English Language at Lebanese French University