National Workshop”Approximate Matching, Hamming and Edit Distance”

On Thursday, January 26, 2023, from12:00 Pm. to3:00 Pm., the Department of Computer Network, College of Engineering and Computer Science organized  a national Workshop for faculty members titled “Approximate matching, Hamming and edit distance” The session was presented by Asst.Lect. Farah Qasim Ahmed and Asst.lect. Halamt Ayub. There were 17 participants in attendance at this workshop most of them from the college of engineering and Computer Science.

Workshop Description:

Approximate matching is a promising technology designed to identify similarities between two digital artifacts. It is used to find objects that resemble each other or to find objects that are contained in another object

Workshop Outcomes:

Identifying approximately identical strings is key for many data cleaning and data integration processes, including similarity join and record matching. Different approximate matchers impose different constraints. Some matchers use a single global unweighted cost, that is, the total number of primitive operations necessary to convert the match to the pattern. For example, if the pattern is coil, foil differs by one substitution, coils by one insertion, oil by one deletion, and foal by two substitutions. If all operations count as a single unit of cost and the limit is set to one, foil, coils, and oil will count as matches while foal will not. Other matchers specify the number of operations of each type separately, while still others set a total cost but allow different weights to be assigned to different operations. Some matchers permit separate assignments of limits and weights to individual groups in the pattern.

Workshop place:

Lebanese French University, Building 3, lab 4 .

 Presenters Information:

Farah Qasim Ahmed  is an assistant lecturer in Lebanese French University in the department of information technology / Kurdistan Region – Erbil – Iraq. PhD candidate in Information Technology – School of Computing (SOC) – Awang Had Salleh Graduate School (AHSGS) –  Universiti Utara Malaysia / Sintok – Kedah – Malaysia since January 2019.

Halmat Ayub completed his BSc(2018) in Information technology from Lebanese French University, Iraq, Erbil, and MSc (2021) in Computer Information System from Near East University, Cyprus, Nicosia. Presently he is an Assistant Lecturer at the College of Engineering and Computer Science Department of Computer Engineering, His Research Interests include Machine Learning, IoT, AI, Cloud, and Security.