The Medical Laboratory Science Department at the Lebanese French University organized a training course entitled (Session on Reproductive Health and Right (SRHR))

At Lebanese French University, the department of medical laboratory science initiated a training course on Tuesday 11th of October 2022. The course title was (Session on Reproductive Health and Right (SRHR)). The objective of the course was normal changes in the body during teenage hood ,gender based violence, sexually transmitted diseases ( HIV & AIDS ). The trainer who was dr. Haya Araz Abdilnabi and dr. Jannat Amar Abulhameed, trained the academic staff for seven days and finished the course on the 19th of Oct 2022. The participants were lecturers of lfu and were very eager to learn the new updates science has reached. and the participants had a comment or an input rather that questions, At the end of the course, thanks and appreciation of the trainer were conferred to the audience.

course outcome:

  1. It was a productive session overall
  2. Participants were active of also shared their knowledge
  3. The participants are equipped with techniques for future sessions with their respective students
  4. And also learned that participatory learning is the key for effective communication of education.