National Workshop: Literature as a Shelter

On Monday, 10/11/2022, Department of Kurdish language held a national workshop under the title “Literature as a Shelter.” In the first session, assistant lecturer Mohammed Omar shed light on the importance of literature at the times when humans have lots of problems. Then he explained the solutions of these problems through some poems. In the second session, Mr. Qanie Khoorsheed talked about literature that it can be a great exit from loneliness for humans and also talked about its importance for the whole society.

Workshop Outcomes

  1. Literature is an effective tool for humans and it directly affects their life.
  2. Literature as a shelter is important for the society and it is the only solution for loneliness

Presenters’ information

  1. Mr. Muhammed Omar, assistant lecturer in Lebanese French University
  2. Mr. Qanie Khoorsheed, Writer