Training Course: Arabic Language for Non-Native Arabic Speakers

Department of Arabic and Translation in College of Education and Languages organized a training course under the title (Arabic Language for non-native speakers). The training course lasted for three weeks, One day in the first week for three hours and three days in the second week for three hours per day. In the third week the course took place for three days, and four hours per day.

For each week some important topics were covered to help the staff improve their Arabic language. During the course sessions, a special break was provided on each day of the session.  

The first session of the first week of training started on Wednesday (2-11-2022) and ended on the same day.

Second week: starting from Sunday 6/11/2022 Until Tuesday 8/11/2022

Third week: starts from Sunday 13/11/2022 to Wednesday 16/11/2022

The trainers were (Assistant Professor Dr. Nada Sami ) and (Assistant Lecturer,  Khairya Saady Kareem)

In the first week of the training, Assistant Professor Dr. Nada Sami

In the second week of the training, Assistant Lecturer,  Khairya Saady Kareem 

In the third week of the training, Assistant Professor Dr. Nada Sami And  Assistant Lecturer,  Khairya Saady Kareem .

Trainers’ information:

In the course, Dr. Nada Sami focused on teaching the trainees the basic alphabet of the Arabic language, daily conversation, and how to read and write simple paragraphs.

As for Assistant Lecturer,  Khairya he focused on the practical aspect by emphasizing the daily dialogues that help memorize the Arabic language and the ease of learning it. In addition, he translated some vocabulary into the  Kurdish language in order to facilitate the process of memorization and learning.

The number of organizers of the course was approximately 20 teachers, who proved highly effective in responding to the course, as they were eager to learn the Arabic language.

At the end of the course, thanks and appreciation were extended to all the teachers who joined the course and contributed to its success

Course outcome

Developing the spirit of learning and knowing the languages ​​of the world in their alphabet for the sake of effective cultural and cognitive communication between the world peoples in general and the Arabs in particular.