“Modern mountain climbing and its role in the tourism industry”

On Thursday 13 October 2022, the department of Tourism Administration arranged a national workshop for the (Kurdistan mountain federation) entitled “Modern mountain climbing and its role in the tourism industry” for the university faculty members to learn about the principles of mountain climbing.
The three members of the federation (Mr. Hemen Amin Mansur, Mr. Beston Saleh, and Mrs. Dilan Mohamad) addressed the significance of mountain climbing and mountain hiking which improves our health physically and mentally.
Workshop learning outcome
The team presenters introduced a brief about the history of mountain climbing in Kurdistan and addressed the significance of teamworking and training for improving our health both physically and mentally, showed professionalism in their skills and messages and managed to encourage our faculty members to take action along to their training policy and have this climbing activity among the region’s mountains.

Number of Participants: 26