National Workshop: How to Relate Literature to Everyday Real Life

On Monday, October 16 th , 2022, the Department of English Language held the national
workshop entitled ” How to relate literature to everyday real life”. The workshop’s first
session was presented by Assistant Lecturer, Bestoon Saleh Ali, at the beginning of the
workshop, he briefly provided the importance of literature in which it makes us better critical
thinkers. English Literature moves us to see the multi-sidedness of situations and therefore
expands the breadth of our own visions, then Mr. Ali clarified that teaching literature is not
only concerned with teaching students how to perform literary interpretation and analysis but
also helps students develop sensitivity, self-awareness, and a greater understanding of the
world and other people.
In the second session, Assistant Lecturer Ala Beshank Ahmed gave clarification that
literature is highly valuable in everyday life and it creates a way for people to record their
thoughts and experiences in a way that is accessible to others, through fictionalized accounts
of the experience. Finally, Ms. Ahmed addressed how we can relate literature to everyday
life in the classrooms and the most recent methods of teaching literature in academic
Workshop Outcomes

  1. To encourage students to find connections between classical literature and their own
    life experiences
  2. To use social media to relate literature to our everyday lives
  3. To inspire students to relate literature to our current political and social events

Presenter/s Information

  1. Asst. Lect. Ala Beshank Ahmed holds MA in English Language and Literature. Currently, she teaches in Department of English Language at Lebanese French University
  2. Asst. Lect. Bestoon Saleh Ali holds MA in English Language Teaching. Currently, he teaches in Department of English Language at Lebanese French University

Reference: (Official Decree no. ED&L 22 on 15/9/2022)