A community project “International Day for the Eradication of Poverty”

On 17/10/2022 the department of Business Administration, and the Department of Health Administration at the College of Administration and Economics in coordination with the Department of Kurdish Language at the College of Language and Education conducted a community activity at the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The first part of the activity was an awareness seminar entitled “ International day for Eradication of poverty which was presented by Mr. Bilal Saeed, Director of the Institute of Economics by Number, and Assistant Professor Dr. Nabaz Nawzad, Dean of the College of Administration and Economics at the Lebanese French University. Both participants illustrated facts on global poverty with a focus on the Kurdistan Region. They have presented future expectations and recommendations to decrease the unemployment rate, gender discrimination, and illiteracy as strategies to eradicate poverty in the region.

After the completion of the seminar, funds and donors were collected from the university and outside the university to help the community. The funds collected from citizens were used to buy diapers and milk for the newborn children in the Hersham camp and in cooperation with the Barzani Charity Foundation and a group of students and teachers of The University as part of the university’s contribution to community development. The services were distributed and families showed their happiness and appreciation for the support.