On Sunday 16/10/2022, the Department of Business Administration arranged an International Workshop entitled “Interpersonal Skills” for the university faculty members to improve and enhance their Interpersonal Skills for their self-growth. Assist Lecturer, Rizhin Noori from the department of Business Administration introduced the objective and learning outcome of the workshop, and Later Dr. Vaishali Rahate spoke about Interpersonal Skills and why it is important. She has also taken a short exercise for the participants about “how assertive they are and where they stand”. She has also thrown light on the need of Building a Strong Personality. At the end of her session, she shared a short story about the importance of Effort which we need to take in our daily life.

The second speaker Assistant Professor Dr. Sohail Imran Khan from the Department of Business Administration, at Lebanese French University spoke about the Importance of Interpersonal Skills for Teachers. He has shared some useful tips to improve Interpersonal Skills.

Workshop learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop participants:

  1. Understand the need for Interpersonal Skills and why it is so important
  2. Were able to build a strong and Pleasing Personality
  3. Learned some tips to develop their Interpersonal Skills
  4. Develop a broader range of interpersonal skills to use in a variety of settings

Number of Participants: 33

Location: Seminar Hall, Lebanese French University


  1. Dr. Vaishali Rahate is an Associate Professor and Dean (Academics) from Datta Meghe Institute of Management Studies (India). She Has Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and has completed her Ph.D. as well from India. She is Chairman, of the Board of Studies-DMIMS, and Member, of the Board of Studies, DMIMS University, Wardha.  She has conducted more than 70 training programs for prominent Public Sector and Private Companies.

Dr. Sohail Imran Khan is an Assistant Professor from the Department of Business Administration, at Lebanese French University. He has done a Master’s in Commerce, Master’s in Business Administration, Master in Arts, Bachelor in Commerce, and Ph.D. in Business Administration from India. To his credit he has a pile of Experience teaching national and international students.