On Thursday 15th of September 2022, the Department of Diplomacy & International Relations held an international workshop to present and discuss trending topics on the Kurdistan Regional and International Geopolitics. Many issues were put on the table for open discussions such as, How to achieve political stability, the Kurds of a Fleshed Federal System, The new regionalization process, The Kurdistan Region Government & United States relations, etc.

The workshop was conducted under the supervision of Mrs. Shiraz Ibrahim (a lecturer at the Lebanese French University, with the participation of: 
– Chair: Dr. Marianna Charountaki (Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln& BRISMES trustee).

  • (Prof. Liam Anderson, Wright State University, USA).
  • (Dr. Jaffar Eminki, Director of the Advisory Board of the KRI Presidency).
  • (Dr. Nahro Zagros, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Soran University).
  • (Dr. Ebdul Ilah Al Mustafa, Co-Chair, Rojava University, Syria).
  • (Dr. Shallaw Abdulkhaleq Mohammed, senior lecturer at Salahaddin University/ college of political science/ international relations and diplomacy department).