On Tuesday, June 7, 2022, the Department of Business Administration hold an Art activity by arranging a movie show for all the staff members of the University. The movie was “A Life on Our Planet” by David Attenborough. This movie has highlighted different aspects of our earth, forest, population, climate, etc., and how as human beings we are destroying it and creating problems for ourselves. This movie has also thrown light on sustainable development. We as human beings are going at a very fast rate and the resources are being used and it is very important to keep a balance between them. This movie has shown the way humans should live and let others live to make this earth a beautiful place to live.

Activity Outcome

  1. Awareness about how we are using the resources and how should we use them.
  2. How we can make this earth a better place to live.
  3. Sustainable development is important and the need of the hour.

Presenter/s Information

Dr. Nabaz Nawzad, Dean. College of Administration & Economics, Lebanese French University, Erbil.