Enhancement of Security and Handling the Inconspicuousness in IoT Using a Simple Size Extensible Blockchain

  • Blockchain technology is increasingly used worldwide to enhance the performance and profit of any environment through its defining characteristics, such as security, auditability, immutability, and inconspicuousness. Owing to these characteristics, the blockchain can be used in various non-financial operations of some domains, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and distributed computing. However, implementing blockchain technology in IoT is not always a feasible solution because blockchain deployment is costly, it has limited extensibility and provides irregular bandwidth and latency. In this regard, a simple size extensible (SSE) blockchain has been proposed to provide an optimal solution for IoT environments by satisfying the needs of the IoT environment as well as ensuring end-to-end security. The implementation of the proposed blockchain develops an overlay network to obtain a distributed environment where the blockchain is handled by the resources present therein. Two novel algorithms were introduced into the proposed system to minimize the irregularity and latency on one hand, and to maximize the throughput of the system on the other. The shared-time depending agreement algorithm (STD) minimizes the irregularity in the extraction operation and latency. The other, the shared throughput administration algorithm (STA) justifies the overall collection of the transmission load in the network and maintains the performance of the blockchain. The proposed system was applied to smart home IoT appliances to test the performance of the proposed system. The experimental results show that the proposed blockchain system minimizes nearly 70% of the data irregularity, latency, and furthermore, 30% of the blockchain extensibility is maximized as compared to the existing systems

  • B.Saravana Balaji
  • Energies
  • 08/04/2020
  • https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1073/13/7/1795
  • https://doi.org/10.3390/en13071795