The essential variables to consider before investing in financial markets during Covid-19

  • The current study aimed to investigate the essential factors to be taking into consideration prior starting an investment in financial markets especially during Covid-19 era. Individual investors are those who make purchases of securities on behalf of other individuals. Most of the time, these investors trade in modest quantities and are primarily interested in the operations of the stock exchange. Quantitative method used in this study to analyze data. The researcher used a questionnaire and distributed in four banks in Erbil city. The researcher used random sampling method in order to gather data from private banks in Erbil city. The population of this study was approximately 210 units. The target population was 142 units. The researcher distrusted 150 questionnaires at four different private banks, from 150 questionnaires; the researcher was able to gather 128 questionnaires that have been completed properly. Accordingly, the sample size of this study was 128 units. The questionnaire was designed in a multiple choise quesirons. The respondents were asked to mark each question on five scales ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The findings revealed that, in terms of first research hypothesis, economnic growthhas significantly predicted financial markets, this indicates that economnic growthwill have a direct positive impact on financial markets. In terms of second research hypothesis, employment patternshas significantly predicted financial markets, this indicates that differnation strategy will have a weak positive impact on financial markets, and in terms of third research hypothesis, demographic trendshas significantly predicted …

  • Hawkar Anwer Hamad
  • International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computers
  • 30/10/2021