MCAMO: multi constraint aware multi-objective resource scheduling optimization technique for cloud infrastructure services

  • In cloud computing infrastructure-based services, resource scheduling is still an open issue. Normally resource scheduling involves multi-objective fulfillment but often developed as single-objective problems and solutions are proposed. For dealing with multi-objective problems, optimization techniques come in-aid to develop various techniques as cloud resource scheduling is a soft computing problem. The ultimate aim of cloud resource scheduling is to reduce the billing cost of users and to increase the revenue of cloud service providers. In this paper, the MCAMO technique is proposed for cloud resource scheduling especially dealing with infrastructure-based cloud services. This method deals with multi-objective by applying multi constraints while resource scheduling in infrastructure cloud services. The proposed method is novel as it deals with the constraints of the submitted jobs along with fulfilling the objectives of the cloud service client. For a powerful arrangement, the fitness value worth takes a base worth value and the improved determination of the asset resources relies upon the MCAMO calculation. The performance of the MCAMO technique is assessed by comparing through few existing multi-objective constraints applied VM machines scheduling techniques using the cloudsim simulator. The comparison proves that the proposed MCAMO technique provides optimized resource scheduling than other methods.

  • B.Saravana Balaji
  • Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing
  • 01/06/2020