The English Syllable Structure within Optimality Theory

  • This study deals with the optimality theory and the syllable structure within the hypothetical framework of the theory. The syllable has always played a central role in the phonological theory. But within the recent advent of Optimality theory, its role has become crucial in Linguistics. Optimality theory (OT), "is a linguistic model proposing that the observed forms of language arise from the optimal satisfaction of conflicting constraints". The study aims to investigate segments are to be syllabified in certain different
    ways and the fact that they should be syllabified. This paper has been divided into two sections: the first section focuses on the definition, concept, and components of the theory. The second section is concerned with the general theory of syllable within the framework of Optimality theory.

  • Awan Kamal Muhammed College of Languages/ English Department/University of Salahadin. Hamza Othman Maho Goran College of Languages/ English Department/University of Salahadin.
  • 2019-12-30