Intra College Badminton Tournament

What is the best way to relieve stress while still being stressed about work? Undoubtedly games.

The department of Health and Hospital Administration had arranged an Intra College (Shuttle Cock) Badminton tournament for the faculty members on the 21st of April 2022 as a sports activity.
League Round:
The Faculty members were teamed and the teams were tabled as A and B divisions to conduct the league rounds. Under the ‘A’ division, Four teams (Dr. Sohail khan and Mr. Hazhar’s team, Mr. Khownas and Mr. Dashty’s team, Mr.Sardar and Dr. Prabhu’s team, and Dr.Nabaz and Ms.Mevan’s team) were playing the league round. In the ‘B’ division also Four teams (Ms. Shirin and Ms. Berivan’s team, Mr.Robinson and Ms. Rezheen’s team, Ms.Kazlin and Mr.Kamaran’s team, and Mr. Atab and Mr. Mohammed’s team) were playing.
Semi-Final Round:

Based on direct sets victory Dr.Sohail khan and Mr. Hazhar’s team and Dr.Nabaz and Ms. Mevan’s team in the A Division and Mr.Robinson and Ms. Rezheen’s team and Ms.Kazlin and Mr. Kamaran’s teams were selected to play the Semi-Final matches. After the shuttle was shot in different directions despite heavy wind Dr.Sohail khan and Mr. Hazhar’s team and Ms.Kazlin and Mr. Kamaran’s team were playing the Final match.
In the end, the young and energetic players of Ms.Kazlin and Mr. Kamaran’s team won the title of the tournament. The winners and runners of the tournament Ms.Kazlin and Mr.Kamaran, and Dr.Sohail khan and Mr. Hazhar respectively were honoured by the respected Dean of the College Dr. Nabaz.