Factors affecting the quality of financial statements on investment decision making

  • Since Kurdistan is expanding, it is getting more economically strong, and it thus requires a large
    amount of cash to carry out various developmental tasks. Individual investors' investment behavior must be
    studied in order to find the reasons that encourage people to invest. This will allow idle savings to be
    channeled into investment, which will help to increase the amount of money available for investment among
    individuals. There are several factors that impact investment decisions. The fact that financiers hold a
    dominant position in the financial market is an unavoidable truth. The behavior of investors is not
    predictable. It varies from one job to another, as well as from one level of protection to another. The
    identification of the elements that impact investment decisions is therefore important. It is important to
    understand how individuals invest in the securities and other financial alternatives that are accessible in
    order to boost investment and create suitable theories and regulations.

  • Hawkar Anwer Hamad
  • International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences
  • 28/10/2021
  • https://ijels.com/upload_document/issue_files/35IJELS-110202134-Factorsaffecting.pdf
  • https://dx.doi.org/10.22161/ijels