The mistakes of medical doctors during surgery in the Perspective of Islamic Shar’ia

  • This research talks about doctors ’errors and the position of Islamic law on this issue, it sheds light on the doctor’s responsibility, with the distinction between them and the doctor’s fault and his responsibility for the error during the patient’s treatment and surgical procedures.
    In this research, it also discusses definition on the meaning of medicine, the rule of studying it, and the rule of medication, and about medical responsibility pre-Islamic period and under Islamic rule. The investigations of doctor’s responsibilities as determined in the Islamic law. and the research dealt with the conditions for including doctors in Islamic Law and I have shown how the Sharia preceded the ground laws in including the doctor and talking about the conditions for its inclusion, and this indicates the inclusion of Sharia and its treatment of human issues in every time and place. The research concluded concluding, summarizing the results of the research and mentioning the recommendations.

  • Kareem, Karzan Faqikhalil
  • 2020/12/11