The departemt of Law held a national workshop entitled “The New Method of Selling Cars Through Electronic Contracts”

On Thursday, 24th of January, 2022, the department of Law held a national workshop entitled “The new method of selling cars through electronic contracts” The workshop’s first session was presented by Lecturer. Shwan Dlawar, head of department of law, at the beginning of the workshop, he talked about the importance of the topic and the importance. in the second session Luqman Hassan, lecturer at the college of law and international relations, he emphasized the content of the workshop, which consisted of two parts;

The first part was analyzed to define the electronic contract, the Iraqi and Kurdistan regional lawmakers’ stance on the electronic contract, and the second part discussed the electronic contract for the sale of cars in the Kurdistan Region.

Several definitions of electronic contracts were discussed at the first point. which law superiors have defined electronically in many ways, and have also been distinguished between electronic and traditional contracts. In the second point of the first part, he talked about the Iraqi lawmaker’s stance on the electronic contract. The third point of the first part discussed the stance of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s lawmakers. 

For the second part of the interior ministry’s instructions for selling cars were discussed under electronic contracts. The second point is the legal reason for the lack of instructions from the interior ministry under the law. 

the professors and the attendances presented a number of questions and comments regarding the importance of the topic. the Dean of the College noted that this workshop and all other workshops should be projected and sent to the government to work on it. after the workshop ended, the Dean of the College presented a certificate of respect to the presenter and wished him success.

Workshop Outcome

1/ Analyzing the electronic contract of selling cars and the procedure attached to the method

2/ giving the attendees the information regarding the topic and the importance of the topics to be presented.

Presenter/s Information

1/ Schwan Dlawar, Head of the Law department at the college of law and international Relations

2/ Luqman Hassan, Visitor lecturer at the college of law and international Relations