The Department of legal Administration conducted a National Level Workshop

On Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022, the Department of Legal Administration held the national workshop entitled ” The problems in tax sector in the Kurdistan Region- Iraq.” The workshop’s first session was presented by Dr. Kamal Warty, the General manager of taxes to the members of the real estate and property faculty. Dr. Kamal Warty cleared the doubts on the tax sector and future problems of the tax sector and offered suggestions for solving the problems. In the second session, Dr. Kamal Anwar Yaba, a Member of the faculty, also highlighted the importance of electronic tax payment systems set up by the government completely which would facilitate citizens to pay their taxes easily and avoid nonpayment of taxes by citizens.

Workshop Outcome

The following recommendation was given to solve the tax sector problems:

1- Electronic tax payment systems is best way to solve a lot of problems in this sector.

2- Electronic tax payment systems is helping people to pay their taxes in the easy way and with less time.

Presenter/s Information

1-Dr. Kamal Warty. holds PHD in public law at Slahadin University, Erbil. the General manager of taxes to the members of the real estate and property faculty

Dr. Kamal Anwar Yaba. holds PHD in Administrative law at Salahuddin University, Erbil Faculty member. Place of Activity: Lebanese French University, Seminar Hall 

Date of Activity: 23.02.2022

Reference: (Official Decree no. LA-62 on 16/01/2022)