Learning Arabic Language

Department of Arabic and Translation in College of Education and Languages organized a training course under the title (Learning Arabic Language). The training course lasted for 8 days in two weeks. In the course, Dr. Nada Sami focused on teaching the trainees the basic alphabet of the Arabic language, daily conversation, and how to read and write simple paragraphs. As for Dr. Salar, he focused on the practical aspect by emphasizing the daily dialogues that help memorize the Arabic language and the ease of learning it. In addition, he translated some vocabulary into the Kurdish language in order to facilitate the process of memorization and learning. At the end of the course, thanks and appreciation were extended to all the teachers who joined the course and contributed to its success.

Training Course Outcome:
Providing Staff with knowledge and skills to learn Arabic language.

Training course start date: December 20, 2021

Training Course end date: January 5, 2022

Number of Participants:
20 Academic staff from college of Education and Languages

Trainers’ information

  1. Dr. Salar Abdullah Ahmad, Ph.D. Arabic Language, Teaching at Salah El-Din University, College of Education in Shaqlawa and Lecturer in the Department of Arabic Language and Translation, Lebanese French University
  2. Assistant Professor Dr. Nada Sami Nasser – PhD in Arabic Language from Al-Mustansiriya University – Iraq, Head of the Arabic Language and Translation Department at the Lebanese French University.

Reference: (Official decree no. ED&L 68 on December 14, 2021).