Deceit, Family, and Justice in Miller’s Crucible

On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, the Department of General Education held the national workshop entitled “Deceit, family, and justice in Miller’s Crucible” The workshop was about Crucible play which is considered to be based on historical period that left its marks on the memory of the American society. At the beginning of the workshop, Assis. Lect. Laveen introduced some general points about the themes of deceit, family and justice in Crucible. In the second session, Assis. Lect. Ahmed Azeez discussed the three major themes in more details.

Workshop Outcome

  1. To be aware about the real life of the people of Salem, and the puritan rule of the religious people of that time. Because During 1690s in Massachusetts, many people were executed for being suspected of witchcraft. 
  2. To know the creative way in which Miller shows the real life of people in his play. 

Presenter/s Information

  1. Ahmed Azeez holds MA. And a PhD student in English language and literature at Istanbul Aydin University. Currently, he is the representative of teachers in the college of Education and languages, department of General Education, Lebanese French University.
  2. Laveen Kamaran, MA holder in English Language. Currently, she is teaching in department of General Education, Lebanese French University.

Place of activity: LFU, Pedagogy hall

Date of activity: 5/1/2022

Reference: (Official Decree no. ED&L 78 on December 5, 2021)