Business Administration arranged Activity

On Thursday, 2 December, 2021, the Department of Business Administration arranged a scientific visit with the students to Al Yasra Company on Kirkuk Road.  More than 20 Students have visited the company along with a few teaching staff. Al Yasra company has four regional head offices and above 20 distribution facilities in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. It operates multiple distribution and processing facilities in GCC and serves more than 15,000 customer locations. 

The officials have welcomed the students and staff and briefly explained their operations. Students have gained huge practical knowledge about the daily operations of the company. Mr. Rohat Zada has coordinated the visit and Ms. Shireen Jamal, and Mr. Kareem have accompanied them

Activity Outcome

The following were the brief outcome of the visit:

  1. Practical exposure to the corporate world
  2. Live experience of Business Culture

Place of Activity: Al Yasra Company on Kirkuk Road, Erbil

Date of Activity: 2 December, 2021

Reference: AE-74 on 10/10/2021