“Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare” International Workshop

Department of Information Technology, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Lebanese French University conducted a joint International Workshop with Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sri Shakti Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India, under the title “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare” on Sunday, November 28, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. There were more than 31 participants (15 of them participated physically and the other were online), at the end of the workshop the participants got an insight on recent and exciting innovations in all areas of the healthcare industry using Artificial Intelligence and they got introduced to deep learning applications for medical imaging applications.

Workshop Outcomes:

The objective of this International Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence in Health Care” is to bring together the researchers, industrials partners, and practitioners interested in the specification, design, and development of AI to cultivate smart healthcare systems that will improve personal healthcare in a better way.

Key Contents:

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  1. Intelligent Hospital Management
  2. Health Software Architecture, Framework, Design & Engineering
  3. Internet of things for healthcare
  4. Intelligent technologies for healthcare (smart homes, cloud-based, etc.)
  5. Programming paradigms and tools for health applications
  6. Automated Diagnosis and Prediction
  7. Data discovery


Lebanese French University, Building 2, Pedagogy Hall.

Presenters Information:

  • Dr. S.T.Suganthi

She is currently working as an Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, College of Engineering & Computer Science, Lebanese French University, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. She is a proficient academician with over 15 years of experience in teaching and research in various educational institutions. She obtained the undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and the postgraduate degree in Power Systems Engineering from Anna University, Chennai in 2005 and 2010 respectively. She has earned the Ph.D. degree from the Anna University, Chennai under the faculty of Electrical Engineering in 2018.

          As an outstanding researcher, Dr.S.T.Suganthi has been awarded with Robert S McNamara Fellowship from World Bank, for pursuing Ph.D through Research Based Student Exchange Programme in Multimedia University, Malaysia. Dr.S.T.Suganthi is a “Gold Medal Winner” of Anna University for her post graduate degree in Power Systems Engineering. She published more than 40 research articles in various reputed international journals and conferences. Also she acted as a resource person for various national level workshops, seminars and conferences. She received the “Best paper Award” for her presentation on “An improved differential evolution algorithm for congestion management considering voltage stability”in an IEEE international conference, ICSCASE 2015.Her areas of interest include Power System Optimization, Restructured Power Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Evolutionary computation.

  • Dr. Nirmala Madian

She presently working as Associate Professor, in Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sri Shakti Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, India. She has 15 years of experience in Teaching and Research.  She Published more than 30 articles in various reputed international journals and Conferences. Her areas of interests are Biomedical Image Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

بە بەشداری ٢٥ بەشداربوو، رۆژی یەکشەممە رێکەوتی ٢٨ی نۆڤێمبەری ٢٠٢١، بەشی تەکنەلۆژیای زانیاری- لە کۆلێژی ئەندازیاری و زانستی کۆمپیوتەری زانکۆی لوبنانی فەڕەنسی هەستا بە ئەنجامدانی وۆرکشۆپێکی نێوەدەوڵەتی لەگەڵ بەشی ئەلیکترۆنیک و ئەندازیاری گەیاندن لە ئەنیستوتی شەکری بۆ ئەندازیاری و تەکنەلۆژیا لە کۆینباتۆر لە ووڵاتی هیندستان لە ژێر ناونیشانی ” زیرەکی دروستکراو لە بواری تەندروستی” کە کاتژمێر ١١ی سەرلە بەیانی دەستی پێکرد تا کاتژمێر ٣ی پاش نیوەڕۆ بەردەوام بوو. لە کۆتایدا بەشداربووانی ئەم وۆڕکشۆپە زانیاری دەوڵەمەندێیان وەرگرت سەبارەت بە بەکارهێنانەکانی زیرەکی دروستکراو لە بواری تەندروستی و چۆن زیرەکی دروستکراو رؤڵێکی کارا دەگێڕێت لەم بوارەدا.