Iraqi Council Representatives’ Elections.

On Thursday, 21st October, 2021, department of International Relations, Lebanese French university, conducted a workshop. The workshop was a conferencing workshop, titling Iraqi Council Representatives’ Elections.

The workshop was rendered in three sections by three different presenters.

Doctor Aram Bradosti, initiated the workshop by discussing Electronic Election and Its Impact on Security of the Results. He commented on the legal procedure of executing election by Iraqi council representatives based on new rules of election.

In the second section of the workshop, Professor Salih Malaomar Isa, elaborated on Kurds’ Participation in New Iraqi Cabinet. He concluded his speech by an academic prediction of Kurds’ stance in the future of Iraqi government.

Finally, Professor Khamoosh Omar, lectured in the third section of the workshop arguing the subject, Coalition Government: Hypotheses and Results. He considered an academic expression of Iraqi government formation among successful political parties in Iraqi council representatives’ election.

In the end of the workshop, Lecturer Sartip Khales, the director of the workshop, received the questions of the attendees and the questions were answered and discussed by the lecturers.

Workshop Outcome

  1. understanding the electronic election
  2. Kurd rights in the new cabinet of Iraq

Presenter’s/ Information

  1. Professor Dr. Salih Malaomar/ Lecturer at Salahaldin University
  2. Professor Dr. Khamoosh Omar/ advisor at Kurdistan Parliament
  3. Dr. Aram Bradosti/ General Manager at Independent High Electoral Commission