Younis Talat Al-Dabbagh

Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Younis Talat Al-Dabbagh


Department of Diplomacy and International Relations


Younis Talat Al- Dabbagh, appointed as a lecturer of Principles of Management subject in the Legal Administration Department at the Lebanese French University in 2014. He held the position of Director of Admissions and Registration at the Lebanese French University between the years (2014-2018).

He became a member of the Lebanese French University Council as a faculty representative from (2014- still) and he held the position of Secretary of the Lebanese French University Council for several years and still is.

In 2014, he contributed to the establishment of the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations at the Lebanese French University, and he was chosen as a member of the Law and International Relations College Council as a Faculty representative between the years (2014-2016).

 In 2018, he was assigned to assume the position of Head of the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations, at the Lebanese French University. He became a member of College of Law and International Relations Council as Head of the Department since (2018- still).

He chaired and participated in the membership of many scientific and administrative committees, whether at the university or college level. For example, (University ranking committees, investigative committees, examination committees,  student certification committees, lecturers discipline committees, evaluation committees, graduation ceremony committees, student guide committees, preparation and organization committees for scientific conferences, training courses and workshops at the university or college level , and other committees. He has attended various cultural, political and literary forums. Participated in many conferences and workshops held in the region and abroad.

He has many scientific products, literature, and research and published studies. He received many certificates of appreciation and letters of thanks and gratitude from the Lebanese French University and from various universities and administrative and scientific bodies at the level of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.


  • Master’s Specialization in Diplomacy and International Relations in the College Law and Political Science at Salahaddin University - Erbil, 2013
  • Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the College of Law and Politics at Salahaddin University - Erbil, 2007


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