Sheraz Amir Ibrahim

Erbil. Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Sheraz Amir Ibrahim

Assistant Lecturer

Department of Law


Experienced lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in higher education industry. Skilled in analytical skills, peer mentoring, public speaking, legal advisory, and project management. Currently a PhD student at University of Lincoln, mainly focusing on international criminal law. Conducted research in legal status of R2P, Military intervention and the special relationship of ICC and UN security Council. Further research interest has been on current developments in higher education and the application of new pedagogy in middle east and Iraq specifically. 


  • PhD candidate in Criminal International Law at University of Lincoln – United Kingdom
  • LLM in Public International Law - University of Leicester – United Kingdom
  • LLB in Law - Nottingham Trent University – United Kingdom


  • Sheraz Ibrahim. (2021). Critically evaluating the special international relationship between the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court (ICC). QALAAI ZANIST JOURNAL, 6(1), 902–919.


Analytical thinking and innovation 90%
Active learning95%
Lecture Skill100%
Communication Skills95%
Collaboration 95%