Nahlah Nafea Khorsheed

Nahlah Nafea Khorsheed, MA

Assistant Lecturer

College of Education and Languages


 Asst. lect. Nahlah N. Khorsheed started work at Lebanese French University in 2018 as a staff member in College of Engineering and Computer Sciences. In 2019, she granted a full sponsored scholarship from Lebanese French University to do PhD in Applied Linguistics at University of Utara Malaysia. Currently, she is a member of teaching staff in College of Education and Languages. She has participated in several international conferences in the Kurdistan Region, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  She has one article published in the international journal indexed by Scopus.


  • Master in English Language teaching, Girne American University, Cyprus 2017
  • Bachelor in English Language, Baghdad University, Iraq 1994



Problem solving 90%
Lecture Skill90%