Hawre Omar Awla

Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Hawre Omar Awla


Department of Law



Hawre Omar is a full-time lecturer in the Department of Law. He works for many years in the French Lebanon University. Currently, he is lecturing the following subjects; linguistic sciences of Arabic Language (grammar, Morphology, Rhetoric and Modern Linguistic Theories From linguistics, and Philology). Concerning the Islamic Sciences, he lectures subjects as; Jurisprudence, Fundamentals of Jurisprudence, Inheritance, History of Legislation, Fundamental and Jurisprudential Rules, and Introduction to the Study of Islamic Law. Besides lecturing, he als present national and internationa workshops and seminars. He also attend many international conferrences. However, he have also conducted a number of researchers. 


  • PhD student in Islamic Law in Koya University, 2020-2023
  • Master in Islamic Law in Um Durman University in Khartum Sudan, 2014
  • Bachlor in Islamic Sciences in Salahhadien University, 2010


  • تعليم المرأة في الاسلام و نماذج من النساء العالمات الكورديات
  • نظرية التكليف و الحرية عند القاضي عبدالجبار المعتزلي _ دراسة تحليلية استقرائية


Islamic Law90%
Lecture Skill100%