International Workshop: “Literary Theories”

April 23 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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International Workshop: “Literary Theories”

April 23 @ 1:00 pm 3:00 pm

The Department of Computer Networks, College of Engineering and Computer Science will conduct an International workshop entitled “Literary Theories”. Will be presented by( Dr. Kavita Tyagi) Assistant Professor in Dr. Shakuntala Misra National Rehabilitation University, India, and (Dr. Monika Sharma) a Lecturer in Computer Networks Department, Lebanese French University at 1:00 pm in Lebanese French University, Seminar Room.

Workshop Description:

Literary theories refer to frameworks or approaches scholars and critics use to analyze and interpret literature. These theories provide tools and perspectives for understanding literary works’ meaning, structure, and cultural significance. Each literary theory offers unique principles, concepts, and methods for examining literature. The goal is to uncover more profound insights into the nature of literature, its creation, and its impact on readers and society. Literary theories can shed light on literature’s social, historical, psychological, and cultural dimensions, offering diverse ways to interpret and appreciate literary texts. These theories are not fixed or absolute; they evolve, and scholars often engage in ongoing debates and discussions about their validity and applicability to different works of literature.