System Analysis and Design

College of Engineering & Computer Science

Department of Information Technology

Course Overview:

This course is designed primarily for students in the information technology department. However, it also meets the need of students in other fields as a course that provides adequate knowledge in the analysis, design, and development of an information system. Importance is placed on system characteristics, project management, prototyping, and systems development life cycle phases. At the end of this course, students should be able to analyze problems and design appropriately the solution required using a combination of tools and techniques.

Aims & Objective:

The objectives of this course are:

  • have an understanding of the five phases of the system development life cycle;
  • describe how systems analysts interact with stakeholders and information systems;
  • know how to analyze and design systems;
  • learn how to evaluate systems development alternatives; work together as a team on assigned project
  • Duration: 15 week
  • Lectures: 14
  • Language: English
  • Hours per Week: 2
Stage: Second Year
Semester: First Semester
Course Type: Coursat
Credit: 3
Code: IT201SAD
Attendance: 5%
Class Tests and Quizzes: 10%
Midterm Examination: 25%
Practical Exam: NIL
Final Examination: 60%
Passed Grade