Image Processing

College of Engineering & Computer Science

Department of Information Technology

Course Overview:

This course is designed primarily for students in computer science. This course introduces image processing and image analysis techniques and concepts. Areas examined include Imaging sensors and their principles, Image representation and storage, coding and compression techniques; loss versus lossless; Techniques for noise reduction. Image enhancement, including contrast manipulation, histogram equalization, edge highlighting, Filtering, and transform methods for image processing, including two-dimensional Fourier transforms, wavelets, and convolution.

Aims & Objective:

The objectives of this course are:

  • Give the students a general understanding of the fundamentals of digital image processing.
  • Introduce the student to analytical tools currently used in digital image processing as applied to image information for human viewing.
  • Develop the student’s ability to apply these tools in the laboratory in image restoration, enhancement, and compression.
  • Duration: 15 week
  • Lectures: 14
  • Language: English
  • Hours per Week: 4
Stage: Third Year
Semester: First Semester
Course Type: Coursat
Credit: 4
Code: IT301IP
Attendance: 5%
Class Tests and Quizzes: 10%
Midterm Examination: 25%
Practical Exam: 10%
Final Examination: 50%
Passed Grade