Cloud Computing

College of Engineering & Computer Science

Department of Information Technology

Course Overview:

  • This course is designed to impart knowledge on the cloud computing concepts with examples and applications.
  • Get an idea of CC technologies, architecture and infrastructure.
  • Understand about CC deployment models.
  • Discuss about CC Service Models, CC Management, Data Storage, Virtualization, Security.

Aims & Objective:

  • To learn about service-oriented architecture
  • To learn about virtualization
  • To understand the evolution of cloud computing
  • To understand Cloud Computing models
  • To learn about software platforms available for cloud management.
  • Duration: 15 week
  • Lectures: 14
  • Language: English
  • Hours per Week: 4
Stage: Fourth Year
Semester: Second Semester
Course Type: Coursat
Credit: 3
Code: IT4II
Attendance: 5%
Class Tests and Quizzes: 10%
Midterm Examination: 25%
Practical Exam: 10%
Final Examination: 50%
Passed Grade