An International Workshop on “Transactional Analysis”

On Tuesday, May 7, 2024, the Department of Business Administration at the esteemed College of Administration and Economics hosted an illuminating international workshop centered on transactional analysis. Esteemed scholars Prof. Dr. O.M. Ashtankar and Assistant Prof. Dr. Sohail Imrankhan led the enlightening session, captivating attendees with their expertise and insights.

In the first segment of the workshop, Assistant Prof. Dr. Sohail Imrankhan took the stage, delivering a comprehensive explanation of transactional analysis. With clarity and precision, he elucidated the intricacies of the subject, offering attendees valuable knowledge and understanding.

Following this insightful introduction, Prof. Dr. O.M. Ashtankar graced the platform, further enriching the discussion on transactional analysis. With depth and expertise, Prof. Dr. Ashtankar delved into the nuances of the topic, providing attendees with profound insights and expanding their comprehension.

Throughout the workshop, participants were engaged and enlightened, gaining a deeper understanding of transactional analysis and its implications in various spheres, particularly in the realm of business administration.

The workshop served as a testament to the College of Administration and Economics’ commitment to fostering intellectual discourse and enriching the academic community with invaluable insights. Attendees departed with enriched knowledge and a newfound appreciation for the complexities of transactional analysis, poised to apply their newfound understanding in their academic and professional endeavors.