International Workshop on “Hospital-Acquired Patient Mortality due to Medical Negligence”: An In-Depth Investigation

The Department of Health and Hospital Administration at the College of Administration and Economics made a significant contribution to resolving key challenges in the healthcare industry by hosting an international workshop on “Patient Death due to Negligence in Hospitals.” The workshop, conducted on January 21, 2024, brought together healthcare experts, researchers, and administrators ready to dive into this critical issue.

Assistant Lecturer Shirin Jamal, who is the Head of Health and Hospital Administration, began the workshop, laying the foundation for a comprehensive analysis of the subject. She not only presented the esteemed guest speaker, Dr. Shilan Gader, who is presently utilizing her skills at Leipzig Hospital in Germany, but also shifted the attention towards hospitals in the Kurdistan area of Iraq.

Assistant Lecturer Shirin Jamal provided a detailed explanation of the problem of “patient death due to negligence in hospitals” in the initial portion. She provided useful insights and highlighted crucial facts about hospitals in the Kurdistan area of Iraq. In addition, she took the initiative to suggest strategic measures to enhance the healthcare industry, specifically targeting issues related to patient safety and carelessness.

Dr. Shilan Gader expanded on Assistant Lecturer Shirin Jamal’s work by examining Germany’s viewpoint on “Patient Death Resulting from Hospital Negligence.” Utilizing her expertise gained at Leipzig Hospital, she provided a comparative analysis, elucidating effective tactics employed in Germany. Dr. Gader’s presentation included a comprehensive overview of the global situation and specific suggestions for enhancing patient safety and reducing negligence in Kurdistan’s hospitals.

The session created a favorable atmosphere for engaging conversations, enabling participants to share ideas and participate in meaningful discourse. Both speakers’ recommendations were well-received, and the audience members expressed a desire to use these insights to advance medical practices in the Kurdistan region.

The Department of Health and Hospital Administration plans to undertake further initiatives in order to address ongoing key concerns in the healthcare industry, building upon the success of this workshop. The plans encompass supplementary workshops, joint research endeavors, and the application of optimal methodologies to further enhance the standards of patient care and safety.

Ultimately, the international workshop on “Patient Death Resulting from Negligence in Hospitals” demonstrated itself to be an illuminating and productive forum for healthcare practitioners. The anticipated impact of the information imparted by Assistant Lecturer Shirin Jamal and Dr. Shilan Gader is expected to accelerate beneficial transformations in the healthcare sector of the Kurdistan region. Several essential guidelines can improve patient safety and reduce patient fatalities due to carelessness. Emphasize consistent staff training on patient safety and communication. Improve reporting and monitoring to identify and resolve adverse occurrences faster. Promote openness and shared learning in the healthcare team through open communication.