Accounting and Finance Department in the College of Administration and Economics Lights up at National Workshop and Book Launch Event

On December 19, 2023, the College of Administration and Economics’ Accounting and Finance Department demonstrated academic achievement by hosting a nationwide workshop and book introduction event. This event demonstrated the department’s dedication to academic development. As he launched “Mathematics for Economists,” his most recent academic work, Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulrazzaq Nawandaie took Centre stage. Assistant lecturer Yusuf Maghdid gave a thorough rundown of the events and a speech that highlighted Dr. Abdulrazzaq’s illustrious career and accomplishments. The event was organized by the vibrant Accounting and Finance Department. Through his knowledge of his book and focus on its potential contribution to the area, Dr Abdulrazzaq Nawandaie attracted the audience. In addition to an educational programmed, attendees took free copies of the book, marking the beginning of a new phase in academic studies.

Part two of the event took place when the Department of Accounting and Finance arranged a national workshop with the theme “The Impact of Educational Institutions on Technological Development.” Key speakers on the schedule included Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulrazzaq Nawandaie and Professor Dr. Hoshyar Marouf.

During the first session, Professor Dr Hoshyar Marouf discussed how important it is for educational institutions to be at the forefront of technological change. He gave a thorough comprehension of the topic in his presentation, and he ended with wise suggestions for advancing technical advancement.

In the second session, the focus moved to Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulrazzaq Nawandaie. Dr. Abdulrazzaq contributed significantly to the scholarly conversation by offering insightful viewpoints on strategies and suggestions for promoting significant technology advancements.

A lively Q&A session that let the audience engage with the distinguished presenters marked the conclusion. Professor Dr. Hoshyar Marouf and Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulrazzaq Nawandaie skillfully addressed inquiries, promoting a collaborative and knowledge-sharing atmosphere.

The Accounting and Finance Department of the College of Administration and Economics reaffirmed its dedication to offering a forum for stimulating debate and intellectual development. The department’s commitment to excellence was evident in the academic community as attendees departed with renewed inspiration and understanding.