The Department of Legal Administration hosts a fascinating national workshop titled “A Theory of Mind: I Know How You are Thinking”

On Monday, December 11, 2023, a national workshop was held by the Department of Legal Administration at the College of Administration and Economics in an attempt to delve deeper into human cognition. The main speakers at the workshop, “A Theory of Mind: I Know How You Are Thinking,” were Assistant Lecturer Karzan Qader and Lecturer and Head of Legal Administration Hoshyar Darbandi. Their talks were bright and fascinating.

In the first session, Assistant Lecturer Karzan Qader took the lead, explaining “A Theory of Mind,” the workshop’s main issue, and highlighting its importance in many circumstances. He gave participants a solid understanding of the benefits and goals for learning related to exploring the complexities of human thought processes.

Lecturer Hoshyar Darbandi gave participants a thorough examination of the subject in the second session. He skillfully traversed the topic, offering insights into the cultural facets and diverse viewpoints that influence our comprehension of people’s thought processes. In addition to providing participants with useful insights to help them understand and interpret the opinions of others, Darbandi presented important viewpoints and gateways.

Participants joyfully engaged in questioning and discussion, concluding in an exciting discussion of ideas at the workshop’s conclusion. The workshop’s ability to create a dynamic learning environment was demonstrated by the interactive aspect of the session, which also demonstrated the participants’ excitement for the subject.

The successful outcome of this national workshop reflects the dedication of the College of Administration and Economics to offering interesting and appropriate discussions in the workshops. It is anticipated that “A Theory of Mind” would have a lasting effect on the participants’ academic and professional endeavors as they go with increased understanding.