The Accounting and Finance Department of the College of Administration and Economics Brings Joy to Children Fighting Cancer

On Thursday, December 7, 2023, the College of Administration and Economics’ Accounting and Finance Department made several kids smile. The department bought and gave a variety of toys to kids having cancer treatment at Nanakali Hospital as part of a touching charitable endeavour.

Students, instructors, and staff in the department collaborated to choose a variety of toys that would suit the patients, with the goal of improving their psychological well-being. The thoughtfully picked products, which ranged from interactive toys, were meant to offer these kids some amusement and comfort during their difficult times.

The toys were personally handed to Nanakali Hospital by department representatives accompanied by faculty members, fostering a spirit of thanksgiving and happiness. “We believe in the healing power of joy and wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of these brave children,” said Dr. Rahim Jafar, head of the Accounting and Finance Department, emphasising the department’s dedication to community service.

The kind act was warmly received by the medical personnel, who highlighted the significance of providing young cancer patients with comprehensive care. This project not only highlights the larger role colleges play in developing socially conscious individuals, but it also shows the humane spirit of educational institutions.

The Accounting and Finance Department of the College of Administration and Economics’ charitable effort is an outstanding example of how educational establishments can expand their impact beyond scholarly activities developing compassion and social responsibility in their students. These kinds of projects will continue to inspire and encourage people going through difficult times, hopefully making an eternal impact on the next generation of leaders.