A National Workshop on Forex Trading: Exposing Potential Personal Income Sources and Economic Effects on KRG

On December 4, 2023, the Department of Accounting and Finance at the College of Administration and Economics organized a national workshop with the goal of enlightening the complexities of Forex trading and showing its possible effects on personal income and regional economies. Experts from Forex Iraq led the workshop, which offered a thorough examination of Forex trading and highlighted both its significance in personal financial development and larger economic dynamics.

Dr. Rahim, Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance, commenced the workshop with an introduction that not only outlined the day’s agenda but also highlighted the significance of understanding Forex trading in the context of personal finance and regional economies.

Mr. Zhangar Hassan led the first segment, which concentrated on the useful features of Forex trading. Mr. Hassan explained in depth the rules and regulations controlling the international forex market and provided examples of how individuals might trade forex to make money on their own. Participant knowledge included how to set up trading accounts, carry out transactions, and successfully negotiate the market.

Mr. Mohammed Jafar led the second segment, which examined the wider economic effects of Forex trading in the area. Mr. Jafar shared his knowledge of how Forex trading affects economic metrics, promotes financial stability in the area, and opens doors for economic expansion. Participants left with a sophisticated grasp of the connections between their own trading choices and the overall state of the economy.

Participants in the interactive Q&A session discussed the two sides of Forex trading, asking questions regarding personal income generating tactics and possible spillover effects on local economies.

The session highlighted the transforming power of Forex trading in influencing individual financial fates and bolstering local economies in addition to providing a forum for the exchange of useful knowledge. In order to facilitate educated decision-making in personal financial and regional economic planning, the Department of Accounting and financial would like to thank the Forex Iraq presenters for their informative contributions.