A national workshop investigates the comparison between emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence.

On Monday, November 20, 2023, the Department of Business Administration organized a national symposium entitled “Emotional Intelligence versus Intellectual Intelligence” that stimulated thought. This thought-provoking occasion explored the complexities of intellectual and emotional intelligence, illuminating their distinct functions within individual and occupational spheres.

The workshop, which Assistant Lecturers Chiman Ahmed and Taha Omer led, consisted of two informative sessions, each offering a different perspective on the subject.

Assistant Lecturer Taha Omer engrossed the attendees in the initial session through an in-depth exploration of the domain of emotional intelligence. Omer expounded upon the importance of emotional intelligence in various contexts, including the workplace and personal life, emphasizing its pivotal function in cultivating positive interpersonal connections and facilitating efficient correspondence. By utilizing concrete instances from his personal experience, Omer sparked substantive dialogue among the attendees, which culminated in a lighthearted and enlightening exercise intended to gauge the emotional intelligence of the audience.

Assistant Lecturer Chiman Ahmed addressed the intricacies of intellectual intelligence during the second session. Ahmed articulated the significance of intellectual acumen in effectively navigating the intricacies of the contemporary world. Ahmed emphasized the diverse manners in which intellectual intelligence influences the cognitive capacities and decision-making undertakings of individuals, encompassing problem-solving and critical thinking. In order to conclude her presentation, Ahmed led a thought-provoking classroom exercise that sought to assess the intellectual acumen of the audience.

The workshop came to a rousing conclusion with a lively interchange of thoughts, as attendees presented themselves with intellectually stimulating inquiries and obtained perceptive replies that deepened their comprehension of the complex relationship between emotional and intellectual intelligence.

Through the cultivation of a more profound understanding of the interplay between intellectual and emotional intelligence, the workshop endowed participants with immeasurable knowledge that enabled them to confront the complex obstacles of the contemporary era with assurance and proficiency.