Breast Cancer Awareness Event Organized by the Department of Health Administration in the College of Administration and Economics

The Department of Health Administration at the College of Administration and Economics in cooperation with Breast Cancer Center in Erbil organized a powerful community activity to promote breast cancer awareness, held on Monday, October 23, 2023. The event took place in the prestigious seminar hall of the college and was met with an enthusiastic response from students, faculty, and local community members.

Breast cancer impacts millions of women around the world, and this seminar presented a variety of events with that goal in mind. Early detection and prevention were stressed through poignant survivor accounts, lively conversations, and informed presentations by top health professionals

The event’s highlights included free breast cancer tests for all guests and the distribution of educational pamphlets. These campaigns seek to raise awareness of the value of routine tests for early detection, which increases the likelihood that a patient will respond well to treatment

In her introductory remarks, Dr. Susan Hoshyar Qader emphasized the need for community involvement in the fight against breast cancer. She said, “Many people are affected by breast cancer, but together we can make a difference. Early detection, treatment, and the saving of lives all depend on people like you and me being informed

The event concluded with a call to action, urging attendees to take charge of their health and support ongoing breast cancer awareness initiatives. As part of these recommendations, the Department of Health Administration encourages individuals to:

1-Regular Self-Examinations: Encourage women to perform monthly self-examinations and be aware of any unusual changes in their breasts.

2-Regular Mammograms: Advise women over the age of 40 to schedule regular mammograms, as recommended by healthcare professionals.

3-Spread Awareness: Share information about breast cancer and the importance of early detection with friends and family.

4-Support Local Initiatives: Get involved in local breast cancer awareness activities, events, and organizations.

The Department of Health Administration at the College of Administration and Economics is committed to continuing its efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer and empower individuals to take control of their health. With the support of the community, it aims to make a meaningful impact in the fight against breast cancer.