National Workshop ” The Impact of Technology on Cultural ChangeNational Workshop “

The faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, department of Information Technology
organized a national workshop entitled: ‘The Impact of Technology on Cultural Change’ for
faculty members on 27th , May, 2023. The session lasted from 12 to 3 pm.
The session was presented by Psychologist: (Dr. Herdn Ibrahim Ahmed) from Salahaddin
University, faculty of Art, department of Psychology.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • The workshop explored the effect of technology on socio-cultural and educational
    change in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
  • It aimed at examining whether the use of technology has resulted in benefits or
    drawbacks for the Kurdish society.
  • The results of the studies indicated that technology has had a predominantly
    negative influence on socio-cultural change, leading to an increased reliance on
    technology, a decrease in individual motivation and consuming time, introducing of
    potentially inappropriate cultural values into society and promote indolence.
  • By studying the effects of technology in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the session
    provided a better understanding of the consequences of technological