A cultural activity “Kurdish breakfast and bakery”

On Tuesday, March 2nd, 2023, the Department of Health Administration at the College of Administration and Economics organized a Cultural activity called “Kurdish Breakfast and Bakery” at the square of Lebanese French University. The event showcased the unique breakfast foods and bakery items that are part of Kurdish cuisine.

The activity was well-received by attendees and participants, with many enjoying the various Kurdish breakfast breads,yogurts, and other delicious foods that were available for purchase. Local sellers who were involved in the event also benefited from the opportunity to sell their products, making it a successful event for everyone involved.

Kurdish breakfast is known for its variety of foods that are not commonly found in other cultures, making this event an excellent opportunity for attendees to experience a new culinary tradition. The event was organized by the Department of Health Administration as a way to celebrate and promote Kurdish culture and its unique cuisine.

The success of the event highlights the importance of celebrating and learning about different cultures, and how food can be a great way to do so. The Department of Health Administration is planning to organize more cultural events in the future, and attendees can look forward to more opportunities to experience and learn about different cultures.

Overall, the Kurdish Breakfast and Bakery Cultural Activity was a success, bringing together attendees and local sellers to celebrate Kurdish culture and its unique cuisine.