Department of General Education conducted an international workshop

On Thursday, February 23, 2023, the Department of General Education held the national workshop entitled “Typical Tasks Used in Interaction Research Concerning Feedbacks of Classrooms, laboratories, and interlocutors” The workshop was about examining the role of context in interaction. By context, we meant not only the traditional interpretation of classroom versus laboratory studies but also distinctions in classroom orientation in terms of instructional type and interlocutors, in particular classroom peers and instructors. At the beginning of the workshop, the first presenter Mr. Ahmed introduced some general points about Differences between classroom contexts and laboratory studies. Then the second presenter explained some details about Negative Feedback types such as Negotiation of meaning, Recasts and Explicit feedback. In the workshop 24 staff members have participated.

Workshop Outcome

  1. To be aware about the classroom versus laboratory studies in ELT.
  2. To know the creative way in learning and the provision of Negative Feedback types in ELT.

Presenter/s Information

  • Fatimah Mirzapour PhD. In English language Teaching at Islamic Azad University/ Asfahan Branch. Currently, she is a teacher in the college of languages, department of English language Teaching at English language Teaching.
  • Ahmed Azeez holds MA. And a PhD student in English language and literature at Istanbul Aydin University. Currently, he is the representative of teachers in the college of Education and languages, department of General Education at Lebanese French University.