Department of Sociology Conducted a National Workshop Entitled: A Review on Identity From a Linguistic and Sociological Perspective

The Department of Sociology at the College of Law and International Relations of the Lebanese French University held a scientific national workshop entitled ‘’A Review on Identity From a Linguistic and Sociological Perspective’’. The workshop was presented by lecturer Suzan Sabri, the head of the Sociology Department and lecturer Minwas Jamal Rasheed who is currently teaching as a part-time lecturer at English Department of Salahaddin University.
The workshop was held at the university’s seminar hall on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, at 1:30 pm. The attendees were the deans of different colleges and heads of departments together with a significant number of lecturers and students from different stages of the Lebanese French University. Mrs. Suzan Sabri started the session by giving a short introduction about the topic and its importance from the sociological perspective. Then, the second speaker Mr. Minwas Jamal Rasheed elaborated the topic from a linguistic point of view.
Mrs. Suzan Sabri clarified the concept of social identity supported by different theories related to social identity and the impact of networks on identity. Mr. Minwas Jamal Rasheed provided a deep overview about identity via a linguistic perspective. Mr. Rasheed tackled an explanation about how and why identity exists and how language provides a helping hand in the construction of the different types of identity such as regional, social, gender, ethnic, and national identity. Examples from different parts of the world were shared by the speaker.
During the workshop, the audience had the opportunity to raise questions and to comment on the given content of the main topic where there was also room for further discussions.

Workshop Outcome:
The following recommendations were given to analyze the concept of identity.
• Analyzing the concept of identity from the sociological and linguistic perception.
• Understanding the relation between language and identity in the Kurdish society.

Presenters Information:

  1. Suzan Sabri: Head of the Sociology Department at the College of Law and International Relations at the Lebanese French University.
  2. Minwas Jamal Rasheed: part-time lecturer at the English Department, College of Languages, Salahaddin University