On Monday, January 30, 2023, the Department of Computer Engineering, College of Engineering and Computer Science, hosted a “bowling” sport activity with faculty from the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The activity begins at 12:30 PM and is divided into three teams. The first team included Asst.prof.Dr. Moayad Yousif Potrusof, dean of the college of engineering and computer science, Asst.lect.Farah Qasim Ahmed, and Asst.lect.Halamt Ayub. The second team included the head of the Information Technology Department, lecturer. Ahmed Najat Ahmed, Asst.Lect. Ara Zozan, and Asst.prof.Dr.Savarana Balaji B and Eman Nihad.The third team was formed by Asst.lect. Saja Mohammed Noori, the college’s head of quality assurance, Asst.lect.Mateen Naser, Asst.prof.Ashish Sharma and Sarhad Rasool. Asst.prof.Ashish Sharma took first place because he had the most points among the participating teams. Sarhad Rasool took second place with the second highest score among the participating teams. And the third winner is Asst.prof. Dr.Moyed, who received the third highest point total among the competing teams.


Royal Mall