Training Course entitled “” Practicing the Implementation of Workloads in The Bologna Process “”

The College of Engineering and Computer Science, Department of information Technology holed an eight- Sessions training course from November 28, 2022, to December 21, 2022, with two sessions per week (Monday and Wednesday) from 12:00 P.m. to 3:00 P.m. Assistant Lecturer Ara Zozan Jamil presented this training course.

The Department of Information Technology held the final session of this training course on Wednesday, December 21, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. Ara Zozan Jamil, Assistant Lecturer, led this session. Twenty trainees were present, the majority of whom were faculty members from the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The Participants were able to comprehend the concepts of the Bologna Process by the end of the final session. The purpose for which we shall use it. a description of ECTS computations and workload calculation.


Lebanese French University , Building 3, Lab3.

Trainers Information:

A Lecturer in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, I have completed my Bachelor and Master Degree at the University of Kurdistan- Hawler (UKH) Software Engineering Department. My Current and Specific Specialization is on Networking and Communication.